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Strawbridge Young Adults

We are a young adult community of almost 20’s to late 30’s joining together to explore God and create meaningful relationships. Our Community Group meets on Tuesdays from 7-9PM for meals, prayer, discussion, and study. Periodically we organize additional social events to bring fun and rest into our lives. This summer during the Sunday School hour, we will gather together for a Narrative Lectionary Study. We welcome newcomers from all walks of life and seek to be welcoming and inviting. We value community, service, and discipleship.



Summer 2018 

Community Group: Theology in Pop Culture! We'll spend our summer watching moves together and identifying where we saw God at work in the story. We'll watch a mixture of old and new movies, share dinners together, and talk about our faith.

Parables on the Patio: Once a month as a group, we'll take an evening to relax outside on the patio to read and discuss one of the parables Jesus shared throughout his ministry.

Social Events: Our social events throughout the summer offer opportunities for us to get together and just hang out! We are a group that values the importance of being in community with one another and having fun!

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