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Strawbridge has always been a rock for me, even through the past couple of years where I have been questioning my faith and if I even think there is anything bigger than me out there. A recent moment where I was really impacted was the vote for how the church saw LGBTQ+ members/people/activities; that was actually one of the big things that’s made me doubt if I believe in God, was all the people telling me that I shouldn’t exist and that’s it’s unnatural and God never intended for LGBTQ people to exist. So to know that I am accepted by the vast majority of the church, really soothed some of my anxiety. Another big way SUMC has impacted me is the truly unconditional support and respect - I’ve been torn down by other members (very rarely and a long time ago, but still), and for every one hateful/cynical person, there were 10 people who shut it down and would protect me immediately 

Luna Dillewyn

Kingwood High School

Where are you graduating from?

What has Strawbridge meant to you?

What are your future plans?

I want to become a research pharmacist so that I can discover/create a more eco-friendly replacement for opioids that is less addictive and still provides the same amounts of pain relief. I’ve just seen too much hurt caused by opioid overdoses, whether they be intentional for suicide, compulsive because of addiction, or unintentional out of some ignorance because they were that hurt and just wanted the max amount of relief

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